Tootsie Roll Snowballs

I picked these up at the supermarket because they were Christmasy and under two dollars. They seem like the kind of candy that your grandma would put out in a dish for the holidays and let them get dusty. It’s just a round pellet of Tootsie Roll with a sugary coating. You’d think it would be hard to mess up … but I don’t like them.

There’s something about that candy coating that’s off-putting. From the ingredients, I’ve got to assume its mostly sugar, but it adds a weird flavor that doesn’t sit well with the chocolate and orange in the Tootsie pellet. The shell seems more it should be on the outside of a gumball. There’s something fruity about it, or maybe even almost minty. I don’t think the outside of an M&M’s (is that the singular?) adds a flavor to the mix, but this does – and it’s not great.