That Guy on the Podcast

About a week ago, just before Halloween, I talked about new foods for the nighttime radio show “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” (WTKS 104.1) as well as the video live stream that goes out when they record the show ( We talked about the new Carmella Creeper breakfast cereal, a mystery Fanta flavor that dyes your tongue black, Mambo Sauce and Sweet and Spicy Jam from McDonald’s, a Salt & Straw ice cream made with chocolate-covered crickets and grubworm brittle, and the reject Jelly Bellys called Belly Flops. I’d been wanting to try one of these “expert” segments for a while, something you can definitely have fun with while also sharing some real information about what’s new and unusual at the supermarket.

YouTube is acting up for me, so jump to 48:55 for my segment and to see Dan almost cough up a cricket.