Fried Leftovers

I’m inside. You’re probably inside too. Cooking something will help pass the time, but you’ve already got a bunch of leftovers, bits of that teriyaki chicken or green beans. If you’ve also got some potatoes, or cooked potatoes to mash, we’re halfway to something new.

Really, this is more a method than a recipe. That photo up there is bubble and squeak, the British way to use up leftover potatoes and leftover cooked cabbage. Mine also has some onion and a fried egg on top because the way you make any brown meal look Instagrammable is put an egg on it.

Choose leftovers that you’d put on the plate together. Mushrooms and steak, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts and ham… Dice your leftovers and add the mashed potatoes until you get something that kinda holds together. You don’t want it soupy, but you don’t want it too crumby either. Put butter in a pan – I prefer non-stick – and once it’s melted, add your leftovers and mash. Stir it a few times over medium until it’s all warmed up.

Then, flatten it down a bit, lower the temp, and try for a brown crust on the bottom. Jiggle the pan so it doesn’t get stuck. If your pan is small, like mine, you’re get a round that you can flip out onto a plate. If the pan’s larger, just keep it all in one area and flip in pieces. If you’re worried about burning, flipping it in chunks will also help you keep an eye on that. Then, eat it!

Next time, maybe we’ll go over how a frittata is basically an open-faced omelet and a great way to use up leftover lasagna or even Caesar salad.