My Favorite “The IT Crowd” Blooper

You can find the four seasons of British sitcom “The IT Crowd” on Netflix – and you should. It’s centered on three people who work Information Technology (I.T.) in the basement of a large London corporation. Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids,” “Girls”) is Roy, the slacker. Richard Ayoade (“Travel Man,” “Submarine”) is Moss, the nerd. Katherine Parkinson is the allegedly normal one stuck with Moss and Roy.

There’s a lot of great small moments between characters, but my favorite episodes are the big farces where small bad choices snowball until there’s no dignified way out. It’s tough to find just one clip that explains all of that, so here’s some “greatest hits.”

“The IT Crowd” originally ran 2006-2010 with a single wrap-up episode in 2013. Over the years, show creator Graham Linehan has revealed himself to be an anti-transgender creep. (Look it up if you want.) I can understand how Linehan’s comments and actions are enough to turn some away from any show he’s created, but a lot of talented people worked on “The IT Crowd” who have not been revealed as awful people.

Whether you want to watch “The IT Crowd” or not, my favorite blooper has nothing to do with the show’s creator. This video should play at about ten minutes in. Apologies if it doesn’t display as pretty as other videos. WordPress won’t let me start in the middle of the clip until I ditch some of the formatting.

Richard Ayoade is just off-camera, bouncing a ball of rubber bands, and Chris O’Dowd is waiting for his cue to start “reading” from a book. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself … Everybody has a job to do.