MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot Soda


I’ve had this bottle on my desk for a while now, daring me to get it cold and give it a try. In fact, it seems to have left stores in May. I imagine it’ll be back at some point. I picked up this particular bottle at Walgreen’s, but Mtn Dew is making exclusive flavors for everyone from Red Lobster to 7-Eleven to Dollar General.

The label says “with a Blast of Heat and Citrus.” I’m more worried about 146% of the sugar I “need” today than the pepper kick. I haven’t had a full-sugar soda for years. I used to pound Mountain Dew in high school – back when it came in glass and there was a hillbilly on the bottle – but these days, I’m a Coke Zero Sugar guy.

The color is orange leaning toward the red of fruit punch, but not cloudy like most orange sodas. There’s that familiar whiff of lemon and lime. I’m not sure if it’s the “hot” or the carbonation, but I took a deep inhale and started sneezing. Wow, that’s sweet. I had forgotten how sugary a sugar soda can be. There’s also a little bit of another citrus, maybe grapefruit. As far as the heat, I’m barely feeling it. I like spicy food, but not to the point of punishing myself. MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot has a little tingle that lingers, but I’m surprised it’s not that “Flamin’.” If you drink this while eating nachos with jalapeños or chili with cayenne, you’re never going to notice.