Magician Mac King Takes the Wheel

I got to meet magician Mac King in the late 1990’s when I was the wacky morning reporter at WDRB-TV in Louisville, KY. Most days, I’d broadcast live from somewhere around town, but occasionally, we’d tape something for later. Mac grew up in Louisville and had come back to see family – and pay for the trip with a few shows at The Comedy Caravan. Mac borrowed a blindfold from former WDRB (and Weather Channel) meteorologist Paul Emmick and this happened.

When we got back to the station van, the newsroom radioed about a call from the police. That McDonald’s at the end of the video had been robbed a few weeks earlier and the manager called the cops about Mac and me – and the cops called the station. Of course, McDonald’s knew it was WDRB because we had branding all over the microphone and camera. It all got sorted pretty quickly – and I kept my job.

Mac is a great performer because he’s both genuinely funny and a skilled magician. When the world opens back up again, you should go see his show at Harrah’s Las Vegas. He performs at 1 and 3 pm, which is a great time to see a show in Las Vegas. You’re finally awake, but it’s too hot outside, so go see Mac. Here he is with his masterful take on a classic.