I (Almost) Had a Beanfeast

Look up there at the top of That Guy on TV and you’ll see this is my “Blog, Resume, and Hootenanny.” I had to make two decisions when coming up with that. The oxford comma was easy, but what funny word was I going to use for “party” or “celebration?”

I briefly considered “chautauqua” because it has all those funny K’s. “Shindig,” “wingding,” and “saturnalia” all made the short list even though they aren’t as komedic. But then, I found a new word to me – “beanfeast.”

According to everyone’s favorite semi-reliable source, Wikipedia, “beanfeast” means “informal term for a celebratory meal or party.” Often, it’s a party thrown by a boss and ties back to the holiday Twelfth Night. One serving of dessert had a small prize in it. The one who bit into the prize was “King” for the night. The trinket could be metal or pottery, but a big dried bean would be cheaper and easier on the teeth. If that also sounds like a New Orleans king cake, you’re right. The king cake evolved from Twelfth Night.

As a word, “beanfeast” is more popular in the UK than the USA. In “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory,” Veruca Salt starts her song with the word, not long before the bad egg goes down the chute.

I briefly considered “clambake” too, but finally went with “hootenanny.” “Oo” sounds are funny too.