Back Into the Disney Vault

Mark Elliott passed away April 4, 2021. If you grew up watching white clamshell VHS prints of Disney movies, Mark’s voice is forever part of your childhood.

Originally a radio DJ, Mark really wanted to move into voice-over work. With both determination and amazing pipes, he made it happen. Emmy-award winning writer/producer Ken Levine knew Mark and you can read his personal remembrance on Ken’s blog, “Hollywood and Levine.” Go read that and then come back and listen to the next clip.

The final radio spot in that collection is actually Ernie Anderson, another legendary voiceover artist who also created horror movie host Ghoulardi in Cleveland and is the father of director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Mark Elliot was certainly willing to have fun with his image as the voice of Disney trailers and home video. Here’s a legendary video produced for the 1997 “Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards.” By the end, five of the biggest voices in voice-over are together in the limo of “In a World…” guy Don LaFontaine. Mark’s certainly having fun here, sending up his G-rated reputation.