You Mean That Isn’t … ?

When this song popped on the radio in 1980, you probably thought it was Paul McCartney and Wings. It’s actually Glaswegian singer/songwriter Ali Thomson. “Take a Little Rhythm” is Ali’s only US hit and it went to #15. That opening sax definitely reminds me of “Listen to What the Man Said,” but there are a few more Macca mannerisms in there too.

I started playing Ali this week because I’ve rediscovered a CD series from Rhino Records called “Radio Daze: Pop Hits of the 80s.” It’s five discs of songs, usually remastered, that are hard to find and don’t get as much radio play as they once did. Rhino did the same thing with the 1970’s and the “Have a Nice Day” series, but while that’s 25 CDs of the ’70s, “Radio Daze” wrapped after just five. I’m trying to add them all to my collection, but I can’t find Volume 3, the one that actually has “Take a Little Rhythm,” for less than $30.

So what’s Ali Thomson doing right now? He put out a new album about a year ago and, in April, sat down in his garden to play.