Wonder Woman in Kissimmee

Just a couple months before I started ThatGuyonTV.com, I started a new Instagram account, orlandoactionfigure. I hit a lot of Goodwill stores for used CDs, where you can buy a whole album for the cost of a single iTunes download. (I see a lot of REM and No Doubt.) You can also pick up castoff action figures for a buck or two.

I started buying action figures, used and new, and posing them around Orlando … where I live. Batman to New Smyrna Beach, Tyrion Lannister to Lake Eola Park… The pic above is Wonder Woman at The Monument of States in Kissimmee. Built with stones from every one of the United States, the monument has a crazy history I’ll get to one day.

I’m trying to keep Orlando Action Figure updated through COVID-19. Lately, it’s been landmarks in walking distance from this desk. Maybe give me a follow?