Tangy Pickle Doritos

Doritos is learning from the Oreo overlords. Give us a new flavor and we’ll buy it at least once to see if it’s any good. I’m looking at you, Carrot Cake Oreos. The latest fad flavor, Tangy Pickle Doritos, is mostly available at Dollar General and Circle K, although I got mine from a local unbranded convenience store.

Most disappointing – no dill in Doritos Tangy Pickle. There’s a Lay’s Dill Pickle potato chip, but Tangy Pickle Doritos just has vinegar, garlic, and salt. Lay’s and Doritos are both PepsiCo brands, so you know dill can be done.

Tangy Pickle Doritos are sour and salty, but taste nothing like a pickle. If you like vinegar potato chips, these are a cousin – or maybe Flamin’ Hot Limón Doritos if they weren’t hot. More frustrating, Tangy Pickle Doritos have, temporarily, forced Doritos taco-flavored tortilla chips  off shelves. You can use the Doritos product finder to track flavors in your zip code and Taco is nowhere. C’mon – “Taco” goes back even further than “Nacho Cheese.”

As a palate cleanser, here’s a Taco Doritos commercial from 1977 with Avery Schreiber and Vito Scotti. Vito doesn’t talk here,  but he was in everything from “Hogan’s Heroes” to “The Godfather,” and was Italian Cat in “Disney’s The Aristocats.”