Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango

I bought this new Pepsi flavor because I needed change. I was driving to Domino’s to pick up a large pepperoni and green pepper and I needed a couple dollar bills for the guy who walks the pizza from the oven to the parking lot. (What can I say? I’m a cool dude.) I stopped at a convenience store to break a ten and saw a pallet of Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango before I got to the candy bars.

I’m a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar guy, but I can keep an open mind. After twisting the cap, the smell coming off is almost minty. The label only says “natural flavor” so I’ll assume the “mango” is coming from a mango. I’ve been drinking a lot of flavored soda waters lately, and the essence is that “fresh” smell that also comes off peach and pear.

The mango flavor isn’t overpowering, but it’s definitely there. The thing that hit me first is how much more this tastes like “Coke” than “Pepsi.” Is that also true of Pepsi Zero Sugar or is this a move to secretly make Pepsi taste more like Coke without having to admit that’s what they’re doing? Should I go back and try Pepsi, or at least Pepsi Zero Sugar, again?

The mango flavor works with the cinnamon that’s in all colas. It’s smooth and (big word coming) vegetal. Coke Zero Sugar has a little more fizz and bite, and Mango isn’t going to steal me away, but if I’m someplace that only has Pepsi products, at least I would get this over iced tea.

Pepsi has said Mango, both sugary and diet, are permanent additions to the product line. I wonder how it’d go with rum.