Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn

A few years ago, Brach’s realized that the candy corn machine was only getting used in October. So, if they came up with “seasonal” candy corn, maybe they could squeeze out a little more money. First, there was Thanksgiving candy corn with flavors including roasted turkey and cranberry sauce and green beans. I tried ‘em. You know stuffing-flavored candy corn will be disappointing, but even “coffee” and “apple pie” weren’t that hot.

The new flavor combo for, I guess, football season is Tailgate Candy Corn. As you can see on the package, the flavors are fruit punch, vanilla ice cream, hot dog, hamburger, and popcorn. The food scientists are probably still working on nachos, Fireball, buffalo wings and Yuengling for 2023.

The ones that makes sense as candy flavors come out the best. “Fruit punch” reminds me of Tootsie Fruit Chews, the fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls. “Vanilla Ice Cream” does have a hint of vanilla frosting, but it’s also a little salty and the honey of regular candy corn comes through. It’s the best because it tastes the most like “candy corn.” “Popcorn” does taste kinda like the buttered popcorn version of Jelly Belly jelly beans, although not as good.

That leaves “Hot Dog” and “Hamburger” and here’s where it gets confusing. There’s no indication on the packaging as to what color corn goes with what flavor. The colors on the bag packaging also don’t quite match up with what’s inside. After eliminating punch, popcorn, and ice cream, that leaves orange top/red bottom and pink top/orange bottom. I‘ve tried both four times now and I can’t even guess which is burger and which is wiener. They’re both unpleasant, though not disgusting. Orange/red has a little more sulfur and pink/orange is maybe malty, but both are unidentifiable. Honestly, they taste most like my memory of that Thanksgiving candy corn.