5 Days Until Christmas

Today’s Christmas song is not exactly undiscovered or forgotten, but doesn’t get nearly the plays it should this time of year. “Christmas All Over Again” from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers is the lead track from 1992’s “A Very Special Christmas 2.” What I like about the song is that it embraces the season, but is also kinda casual about the whole thing.

This is just audio, but we’ll get to video in a bit.

The “Very Special Christmas” collection raises money for Special Olympics. Most of the musicians involved donate their time to cover classic Christmas tunes, but because Petty wrote “Christmas All Over Again” specifically for the cause, he also donated his publishing dollars every year.

In 2000, Petty and The Heartbreakers went to The White House to play “Christmas All Over Again” as part of a “Very Special Christmas” TV special. I suspect Petty didn’t cut his hair or shave because of the show, but it’s fun to see him so (almost) clean cut.

That special also included Petty and band being joined by Stevie Nicks to perform her version of “Silent Night,” which appeared on the first “A Very Special Christmas” album in 1987.